Monday, September 25, 2006


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If I may I would like to plug Wells’ book. It’s easy for a non-technical person like myself, but I’ve been able to glean even more from a second reading (and underlining). It would make a great gift book as well, since it’s a pretty comprehensive overview of the entire debate.

Comment by russ — September 25, 2006 @ 12:30 pm

Apparently they do not use google over at uncommondescent. Otherwise they might have found the chapter by chapter dismissial of the very same book. It's been the 1st or second result on a google search for a while now. Or perhaps they think that because they've been blocked from google that they can't search it? Would not surprise me at all.

Now, most books dont get big groups of people dividing it up and directing a bright light on it, chapter by chapter. So, no matter what you think about the issues, it's gotta make you stop and think a bit right? Not russ! He loves it! Perhaps he's been underlining the words he does not understand? Or perhaps, like in the bibble, there's a secret code that contains the answers to all of russ's question's (and i'd pay money to see those!).
Bet people just love getting presents from russ! Ordered 25 you say? Hmm. Oh Dear. Bet christmas is great over at russ's! And somehow, i just know he celebrates it :)

Sure russ, go ahead, plug the book. Nobody else will!

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