Saturday, September 09, 2006

While we are waiting for the CSI blockbuster

We'll need something to keep us going....

Here's a neverending story about a Chap called AFDave and his UPDATED Creator God Hypothesis. So far it's 180+ pages of utter inanity (supplied by Dave) and interesting sciency tidbits from the rest of the folks there. It's like AIG meets talkorigins drunk in an alley. AIG gets their butt kicked, sure, but in the meanwhile all sorts of funny happenings occur.

Comments like this from afdave:

(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 09 2006,06:16

"Also, we covered the supposed "upward evolution" of bacteria in a separate thread a LONG time ago. Not planning on repeating this. Here's a link to help you get started understanding this issue."

are followed by links to AIG and that appears to cover it, no further comments required, not even a permalink to where it had already been covered earlier on in the thread. That's what they are for AFDave! So you dont have to cover it all over again. And as to the links, well If it baint bin found by a bible bashing website, it cant possibly be true!?! Does you version of google only index "saved" sites? Open you eyes man! Over 800 posts and counting, and still not a jot of sense in any of them!

And it just keeps getting better, another AFdave classic knockout blow.

(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 08 2006,18:43

"I suppose you mean macro-evo? I think you are confused. Noah did not have to carry millions of animals on the ark because micro-evolution does indeed occur and many varieties of animals would have developed after the Flood from just a single pair. The reason he had to carry 35,000 (Morris/Whitcomb's guess) is because macro-evo has never happened and never will happen. If macro-evo was possible, there would be no need for an ark to preserve distinct kinds."

Now, if we were to quote mine this as his YEC friends are wont to do, we could get "there would be no need for an ark" and ba-boom! The bible is disproved. End of story.

So thanks for that Dave! Saved us all some trouble!

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