Friday, September 15, 2006

Another Gem From DaveScot - why ID has failed so far

If you want ID to succeed, you’d better hope that it can produce something better than what it has so far.

If you want to ID to remain censored you’d better hope you can continue to find sympathetic judges who will agree it is a violation of the establishment clause to even criticize chance worship dogma in public schools. Absent that, NDE is a dead duck.

Comment by DaveScot — September 15, 2006 @ 3:23 pm

This little Gem of an exchange has been in my drafts folder for a few days, but i just cannot let it go without comment.

So, according to DaveGeniusScot (IQ of a million!) the reason (the ONLY reason) that ID has not taken over is that it's censored in public schools. There are a few problems with this, that i can see:

a) There are alot of private schools already "teaching" creationism (lets call a spade a spade, ID == Creationism)
b) What would be the point of critically examining something before you've even learnt what it is?

What i mean by b) is that evilution is a big, vast subject, with over 40 books written on the evolution of the immune system for starters. Any problem you might find with a specific topic is specific only to that topic - you can hardly say "no way could the eye have evoloved, therefore all of evolution is bunk". Except that is in fact exactly what they are saying "no way could the flagellium have evolved, therefore nothing did".

So, yes, lets critically examine Evilution. However, lets do it outside of school, in the lab where you can do "experiments" (remember those DaveTard? People DOING things, not just writing about them and pointing out mistakes that are not really mistakes but seem like it due to your lack of education in the subject) and come to conclusions that are not driven by people with an agenda (and whatever you say, the ID's agenda is not to find the TRUTH, or even look for it, but to give a place for god in science).

And, is ID really censored? Hardly. As noted, plenty of places teach creationism, and as this
post at UD explains

Around the US, and around the world, intelligent design is in the college classroom. 100+ universities and colleges listed as including intelligent design in their class plans. Universities are investigating intelligent design analytically and synthetically. Biology, physics, philosophy of science, philosophy, politics, and religion classes are evaluating the research and publications of ID theorists and scientists. Below is our confirmed list of classes, some of which are reoffered, some not. Classes listed here are not necessarily strictly about intelligent design, but they do have discussion, assignments, and/or a unit on intelligent design.

Make your mind up (such as it is) DaveTard, it's either being censored or it's not? And according to scordova (a font of wisdom!) there's over 100+ universities already discussing ID.

So, DS, I say to you you are a LIAR! If ID is being censored, explain the 100+ uni's discussing it RIGHT NOW?
Looking for that Dead Duck still? Look in the Mirror!

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