Tuesday, October 03, 2006

bFast "smells" the way forwards for ID

the IDiots over at UD are attempting to co-op somebody else's work, as usual. After quoting somebody else's hard work. The UD spin on it is to highlight words in the text that they have or would like to co-opt.

are somehow encoded within minute fractions of our genetic
code. Nobody yet knows precisely where they are or how they work, but
somewhere in the nuclei of our cells are handfuls of amino acids, arranged in a specific order, that

Their highlightin. How exciting - bold font's must be true (something AFdave suffers from also).

So, as this article is appearing on the front page of UD and I guess OW (their new front, fer the kids) then they are claiming this as a victory for ID. And that's the best they can do, so no wonder the towering edifice of darwinism is about to fall.

And in the comments section the zinger in the article was quoted

And indeed, humans with a defective FOXP2 gene have trouble articulating words
and understanding grammar

then bFast sees the light

Pretty darn good ‘eh. I smell front-loading here. The only possible way this
could be is if the two changes reference significant code somewhere else in the
DNA — call a subroutine, so to speak.
It is clear that a mutation which disables this mutation creates speach problems in humans. The bigger question would be, what happens if we enable these mutations in a chimp. Would the chimp suddenly have significant abilities for speach? If so, I think a case for front-loading would have been very much established!

hurrah. My highlighting. Here's an experiment you could carry out, you could enable bFast's FOXP2 gene and see if he gains the ability to think straight. After that, he could write up his research proposal and sent it in for the big $$$, there's nobody else claiming the money on offer to any ID research project. A step too far for the ID'ers? The prefer to smell their way forwards.

And his comment about a mutation disabling a mutation, does that mean that a mutation can disable a mutation that disables another mutation? So does that mean that everythings a mutation? Hmm, so perhaps chance had some role to play in there after all? Lol, bFast you are one funny guy! Get that lab coat on and get yer hands dirty! Be sure to post your results, perhaps you'll make it into Time as well!

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